“Do You Know There’s More Out There But Don’t Know What It Is?”

“Identify Your Life Purpose — And Start Living It!”

Dear Friend,

Do You Want A Complete Life Purpose Program To Help You Regain Your Power, Passion, and Direction.

Have You Experienced These Kinds of Problems?

  • A stay-at-home mom faces another day of laundry and meal-planning wondering where’s the meaning in all this?
  • A novelist loses all interest in the novel he’s writing and doesn’t know what to do next.
  • A lawyer feels stuck at work, where he’s making good money but working long hours in a stressful environment.
  • An executive is holding off retirement because she can’t see what to do for the next thirty years—she knows that retirement might be a great opportunity, but for what?
  • A young man is looking for spiritual nourishment but can’t find it any of the traditional places.
  • Another young man, an Internet marketer, can’t figure out why he’s spending every hour of his waking day working on one promotion after another—it’s making him money, but isn’t there more to life than money?
    And a lot more to list here…

Are you bored at work and find yourself going through the motion?

Have trouble in following through on your dreams?

Feel distressed by the way that time is slipping away?

Feel overwhelmed by the tasks you face?

These are all meaning problems.

     It’s not that I have “five secrets” for you or “ten great tips” or anything of that sort. I have more than that. I have a genuine program. The Meaning Solution Program spells out what a meaning problem is and does more than identify generic solutions—it walks you step-by-step to your own personal solution. It is too mild to say that you “can’t get this anywhere else.” There has never been a complete program on how to make personal meaning before—never.

What is a “meaning solution” to a “meaning problem”?

     That’s the crux of the matter, isn’t it? Solutions need to be tailored to problems. You can’t heal your sprained ankle by icing your elbow. You can’t get the stain out of your shirt by bleaching your tablecloth. You can’t have a more meaningful life unless you identify what really matters to you—what crucially matters to you—and plan what you are going to do to align your thoughts and align your actions with your intentions. Doing that is the only way to create a more meaningful life. Everything else falls short.

What will you be getting?

     You get a full-length eGuide that explains the idea of “making meaning” and gives you a clear picture of how to translate your values into a life purpose vision that you can put into action immediately.

     You get a second full-length eGuide that spells out how to make meaning every day by actively organizing your day around your most meaningful activities.

     You get a third full-length eGuide that helps you build your own personal “vocabulary of meaning” so that you can talk to yourself sensibly about your meaning needs and goals.

     You get a full-length eWorkbook with exercises that accompany every lesson in the eGuides. You also get 16 audio interviews with meaning coaches and two full months of email encouragement.

     The Meaning Solution is a complete program for changing your life and achieving your dreams and it is available right now. Are you ready to get started?

     The good folks at the Personal Life Media Network have made it easy for you to download the program right to your computer. As elusive as “meaning” may seem, I’ve spelled out the process for making all the meaning you want.

     The Meaning Solution Program teaches you that process in a simple, self-paced system.

     You’ll learn how to turn your values into a blueprint for living. Download The Meaning Solution Program and start living a life of purpose, meaning and fulfillment right now.
     And there is absolutely no risk.

     Try The Meaning Solution Program for 30 days. Judge for yourself if you’re getting the results you want. If you aren’t satisfied, get a complete refund—hassle-free. But I know it’s going to make a profound difference in your life. Thousands of people have told me that it has—I hope that I’ll be hearing from you one day about how the Meaning Solution Program righted your course!

Eric Maisel, PhD
P.S. The complete program costs less than one hour of coaching.
P.P.S. Download everything directly to your computer. There’s nothing to wait for—get started immediately.

The Meaning Solution Program

  •  Quick Start/Rapid Results Guide
  •  Live Deliberatively Guide
  •  Make Meaning Today Guide
  •  Maintain Meaning Forever Guide
  •  Meaning Solution Workbook
  •  Meaning Coach Interview Lessons
  •  Two Months of Meaning Support
  •  Exclusive Quarterly Updates

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